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We are located in the beating heart of the city, in a strategic position on the harbour front, right at the beginning of the suggestive Ponte Morosini, one of the long piers stretching out towards the centre of the old renovated dockyard. Here, every moment is transformed into an unforgettable experience, a warm embrace of the authentic soul of Genoa.

Panoramic View

A View without Comparison

The panoramic view from Locanda da Toto is one of the most extraordinary experiences Genoa has to offer. The large windows of our restaurant frame a scene that seems straight out of a dream. Every glance is lost in the shimmering sea of the Ligurian Sea, stretching to the horizon, embracing the Old Port and the Aquarium of Genoa.

What makes this view truly special is the Lanterna, Genoa's iconic lighthouse, which lies exactly in front of us, just a few kilometres away. Whether you are seated inside the venue or on our terrace by the sea, this panoramic view will enchant your senses and make you feel part of the historic and maritime fabric of Genoa. Come and experience the enchantment of Genoa with us, where every meal becomes an unparalleled visual and culinary experience.


A Dive into the Sea and Emotions

Our terrace on the sea, facing the moored boats, is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Genoa, offering an authentic experience of connection with the sea. It is perfect for enjoying gourmet dishes or sipping a glass of wine, whether you are here for a special lunch or an unforgettable stay.

During summer evenings, the terrace becomes a romantic spot under the stars, with the lights of the city merging with the magical atmosphere. The light of the Lanterna, Genoa's iconic lighthouse, mixes with the atmosphere of our restaurant, creating a magical experience that only Genoa can offer. Sit back, relax and be lulled by the sound of the sea, immersing yourself completely in the enchantment of Genoa, whether you are inside the restaurant or on our terrace by the sea.

Indoor Atmosphere

Elegance and History in a Cosy Atmosphere

Once you cross the threshold of Locanda da Toto, you will find yourself immersed in a unique atmosphere that combines elegance with a rich history. The teak furniture, art paintings by Carminati and Luzzati, and vintage images from the Ansaldo historical archive create a cosy and refined ambience.

The warm-toned teak creates a feeling of calm, while the art paintings and historical photos from the Ansaldo Archive add colour and tell the story of Genoa and its relationship with the sea. Seated at the indoor tables or in the rooms, you will experience an evocative atmosphere that makes every moment an opportunity for discovery.


Stay with a Sea View

At Locanda da Toto, in addition to an extraordinary gourmet restaurant, we offer rooms that transform your stay into an unforgettable experience. Conceived as refuges of peace and relaxation, each room is designed with elegant furnishings, a careful choice of colours and thoughtful details, offering a unique panoramic view of the Ligurian Sea and Genoa's Old Port.

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, our rooms combine modern comfort with the magic of a unique location. Wake up to the sea breeze and the sound of the waves, ready to explore Genoa or experience new adventures. Book a room and discover the pleasure of waking up with the sea at your fingertips, making your stay at Locanda da Toto an unforgettable experience in Genoa.

Authentic Experience

The Art of Hospitality

At Locanda da Toto, we want to offer you an authentic experience of Genoese hospitality, where hospitality is a philosophy of life and every guest is considered a special member of our family. In our gourmet restaurant, talented chef Antonio Frate creates dishes that embody the soul of Liguria, using only the best local ingredients to give you unforgettable culinary experiences.

Our dedicated staff is ready to make your stay or dinner a true celebration, satisfying your every need with attentive and caring service. By choosing the Locanda da Toto, you will not only immerse yourself in the enchantment of Genoa, but you will have an experience that will inspire the desire to return, discovering the authenticity of our inn, where the art of hospitality blends with the beauty of the sea and the charm of the city.

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