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At the heart of the Locanda da Toto, passion for cuisine merges with a relentless pursuit of quality and authenticity. Our menu is a tribute to 'Mediterranean-ness', a concept that goes beyond mere geography to embrace a culinary philosophy where simplicity is synonymous with excellence.

By day, a crossroads of elegance and culinary delights for gourmet breaks in your travels or professional meetings.

At lunchtime, Locanda da Toto comes alive, becoming a favourite meeting point for those seeking a quality culinary break. In our space, where the exclusive view of the Porto Antico, the Aquarium and the Lantern frames every moment, we offer an unparalleled gastronomic experience, open to all.

Here, professionals seeking a distinctive business lunch, travellers discovering the local culinary wonders and couples looking for a moment of sharing find their ideal setting. Our dining room is intimate and exclusive, with a limited capacity of 16 seats that expands in the warmer months, when tables are also set up on the terrace, to a maximum of 35 seats in a unique setting.

Locanda da Toto's promise is to turn every meal into a special occasion, thanks to a menu that celebrates the best flavours of the Mediterranean with a touch of innovation. Our cuisine, guided by Chef Toto's passion and experience, is an invitation to explore dishes that tell sea stories, enriching each guest's experience with taste and sophistication.

In the evening, an exclusive lounge by reservation, where each dinner becomes a unique experience.

For those seeking a more private and personalised atmosphere, our dinners by reservation offer an exclusive experience, perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply to enjoy an unforgettable evening under the sign of culinary excellence and intimacy.

At Locanda da Toto, every detail is designed to provide moments of pure pleasure, combining the elegance of the ambience with the quality of the service and gastronomic offerings. We are waiting for you to experience the magic of Genoa at the table, in a culinary journey that satisfies the most demanding and curious palates.

The Chef

At the heart of Locanda da Toto, creativity and culinary mastery come to life in the hands of our acclaimed chef, Antonio 'Toto' Fratea. With a career that has crossed the seas on the ships of Società Italia and touched the peaks of international haute cuisine, Chef Toto brings a wealth of unique and valuable experience to our inn.

His cuisine is a tribute to the richness of the Mediterranean, a perfect blend of the intense flavours of his native Calabria and the sophisticated elegance of the international dishes he has mastered during his years at sea. Every dish that comes out of Chef Toto's kitchen is a work of art, a perfect balance of taste, presentation and innovation.

Chef Toto is an artist of taste, passionately dedicated to surprising and delighting our guests. Away from the limelight, he prefers to speak through his culinary creations, offering our guests a gastronomic experience that speaks directly to the heart and palate.

Whether he is exploring new techniques or perfecting a classic, Chef Toto's commitment is to ensure that every visit to Locanda da Toto is an unforgettable journey into the world of flavours. We invite you to discover his art, to immerse yourself in his passion for cooking, and to be transported on a culinary adventure that only a master like him can offer.

Toto's Kitchen: A Stage of Authentic Flavours

Here, every ingredient is carefully selected, giving priority to freshness, provenance and seasonality. Fish, the undisputed protagonist of our dishes, is treated with respect, keeping intact the aromas and lightness that only the sea can offer. It is a sensory journey that begins with the sense of smell and is completed in taste, where the raw material tells the story of its origins.

Mediterraneanity and Simplicity: The Pillars of Our Cuisine

Our culinary philosophy places raw materials at the centre of everything. We believe that the true essence of a dish lies in its ability to enhance natural flavours, without superimposition or artifice. Chef Toto, with his mastery and genuine love of cooking, embodies these values in every creation. It is a cuisine that speaks of land, sea, sun and passion.

A Unique
Culinary Experience

To visit us is to immerse yourself in an environment where every detail, from the layout of the dining room to the presentation of dishes, is designed to celebrate the beauty of simplicity. In our restaurant, authenticity meets elegance in a perfect balance that makes every meal a special occasion.

Wedding Dreams Realised at Locanda da Toto

Celebrate your wedding at Locanda da Toto, where every detail contributes to the perfect day. Located in the heart of Genoa, we offer a breathtaking location in the Porto Antico, ideal for a wedding reception surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. Our high-quality cuisine will delight you and your guests, with customised menus to make every moment unique. From cutting the cake on our sea-view terrace to taking care of every little detail, our staff is ready to turn your dream into reality.

Contact us to start planning your unforgettable day.

Memorable Corporate Events at Locanda da Toto

Choose Locanda da Toto to turn your corporate events into unforgettable experiences. With an enchanting view and elegant ambience, we offer the perfect venue for lunches, dinners and celebrations, enhanced by quality cuisine and personalised service. Accessible and ideal for any occasion, from team building to annual parties, we guarantee impeccable service.

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